augmented manufacturing

  • Experience design

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Computer vision

  • AR

  • Cobotics

  • 3D printing

  • IoT

Project Description

Augmented Manufacturing is a collaborative experience designed to demonstrate the power of human and machines working together.  By leveraging the best of emerging technologies with human expertise, we show how to increase quality, reduce deviations and maximise 'expert' human time.

The demo demonstrates the technologies and advantages of Industry X.0 - showcasing augmented reality (AR), Cobotics, Computer Vision, IoT and additive manufacturing in a fun and relevant way for the industry.  Participants start by completing a simple manual assembly task using only printed instructions, also called a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).  

They then move to the next station and complete a similar set of tasks but this time with “hands-free” AR instructions and a cobot assistant. Computer vision is used to detect the accuracy of the user during each task – ensuring that quality is good before the user can proceed to the next step.  At the end the lego assembly “comes alive” and instructs the participant to take their 3D printed takeaway.

Augmented Manufacturing was built as a collaboration between Accenture The Dock, Irish Manufacturing Research institute and Kuka Robotics.