Sometimes it's worth waking up early on Saturday morning. On June 4th, 2016 I was lucky to squeeze into an unusual event - Intel Buzz Workshop.


Besides awesome food and goodies, it was a day full of VR, games, technology, experiences, and inspiration. A few q...


On May 3rd, 2016 I was honored to speak at Creative Tech Week in NYC and share some ideas about nature, urban development, CSR, advertising and new business models tying all these together by means of creative technology.

All hands were raised when I asked who th...


When it comes to creative process, there are ways that boost creativity and come up with good ideas in much shorter time and with less requirements to the environment.There is an infinite – yes, I think INFINITE – number of techniques to facilitate ideation. Some of th...



– Have you heard of Bigbangdata exhibition?

– What?

– Yeh, art about data. One Dutch guy from our train came to London just to see this!


This is how I found myself at Somerset House on Sunday afternoon. 

Simple use of public data as core for art installations, a bit of h...




3D object are of common use in both physical and digital worlds.

There’s a variety of tools – from amateur to professional, expensive or free – that help design 3D products or digital objects to be either to 3D-printed as gift to your client or embedded into a co...


The whole new world open up on yet another Friday.


Augmented reality – seeing more while looking at ordinary things – how cool is that? A ground for endless imagination. Adding to reality, not replacing it. Woah!

The basic concept is that a 2D or 3D object triggers a po...



As an alumna of Balticlab 3.0 Ideation Program, I had an honor to be invited to Swedish Institute Innovation Days.

Me and my colleagues call these days «good times» – loads of high-level thinking, ideation, inspirations, and the most important – incredible people, each...


The Challenge

HackTrain Hackathon –  3 days on a train developing innovative solutions and solving problems of British railway industry.


3 trains, 3 routes, 3 topics: customer experience, infrastructure, big data.


Challenges expressed by railway companies (GWR, Vir...


Special ‘Arduino Motor’ shield is designed to operate motors.


Depending on the speed of each motor, the projection would change its shape. The speed of the motors is controlled by a sensor – SR04 Ultrasonic sensor – or analog switches.


Code example for Arduino is...


Another Friday electronics lab, another tool for music.

MiDi Synthesizer – hand-made simple tool built with SynthEdit (free to download, PC only), MIDI device, and speakers.

Everybody’s a composer!



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