Project Description

Sew yourself into the Fjorchestra


Workshop: (120 mins)

Want to design your own smart clothing that will become an unconventional musical instrument? Come and learn basic electronics to turn your hat, T-shirt, sunglasses into something unique. 


You’ll have to sync with others - yes, AS ONE! - and play as an orchestra or a rock band. Whether it’s a symphony or a polyphonic alarm ringtone our Spotify playlist is waiting for you!

For this interaction I've built Fjorchestra software that uses computer vision, music synthesis, and interactive graphics to respond to participants' coordinated movements and gestures.

Workshop @ 
Fjord Equinox
  • Creative coding (Processing 3.0)

  • Computer Vision

  • Wearable Electronics

  • Interaction Design

  • Workshop planning and facilitation

Skills Applied
Fjorchestra Software