gossiping devices

Project Description

Gossiping Devices is an interactive touch-and-audio installation built to raise awareness of data privacy and GDPR at home.

The installation design was inspired by an old gramophone. Five different card - when tapped - provide an insight scoop of what smart home devices know about users.


The stories told with different voices representing five devices - Smoke Alarm, Thermostat, SmartTV, Security Camera, and Voice Assistant - are based on dystopian scenarios of how smart home devices use or might use private data collected at home.

Gossiping Devices is an experiential installation that provokes discussion about the implications of IoT and data privacy at home.

Gossiping Devices at Home of the Future
  • Ideation

  • Rapid prototyping

  • 3D modeling

  • Arduino / hardware

  • Audio system design

Skills Applied