Project Description

iWizard is a creative technology project that explores application of eye tracking in hands-free interaction with the physical world. iWizard is a hybrid hardware-software product that consists of:

  • theEyeTribe eye tracking device

  • two versions of physical interfaces hand-crafted and operated by Arduino microcontrollers

  • custom software developed in Processing 3.0 that receives data from the eye-tracker and interprets and transmits it to microcontrollers.

iWizard is the first known experiment of using eye-tracking to actively control physical environment.

The Story
Technology & Skills
  • Processing 3.0 

  • The Eye Tribe SDK

  • Arduino

  • Optics 

  • Interaction design 

  • Product design 

  • Electronics / circuit design

  • 3D printing

© Maryna Razakhatskaya 

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