rock paper scissors

rock paper scissors
Project Description

Rock Paper Scissors is an interactive installation that demonstrates pattern recognition aspect of machine learning.


Pattern recognition model has been trained based on over 2,000 data samples collected from a number of people playing rock-paper-scissors game.


Machine learning algorithm gets real-time hand position data from Leap Motion sensor and classifies it based on historic data using K-Nearest Neighbour algorithm.


The interaction is built with a mix of physical and digital tools such as Processing connected to Leap Motion sensor, Wekinator, and Arduino via OSC and serial communication protocols.

Rock Paper Scissors installation is a part of Immersive Data Experience that walks the audience through a journey towards becoming a data-driven organization.

Interactive Installation
  • Ideation

  • Rapid prototyping

  • 3D modeling

  • Creative Coding (Processing)

  • Machine Learning

  • Arduino / hardware

  • Laser cutting