Arduino take-off. Let it glow!

If you ever meet a woman with tiny sensors, LED lights, and resistors in her purse – be aware, she spends her Friday nights in the electronics lab.

First Friday night like this started with soldering. Soldering, Karl! Last time I did that about 15 years ago trying to fix my tetris toy – successfully, btw :D

After a few trials and finally making it to perfection, it was nice to discover prototyping and experimenting with Arduino is much easier. USB-connected, the wires clipped in the board, plus and minus agreed, a few LEDs and resistors in – and voila! The rest is just the code.

Well, it might not be easy to code for a beginner but it’s surprisingly easy to hack!

Most of the code you need has already been written by the amazing community of contributors and is open source.

In my case – upload an example of a glowing LED, understand the logic of the code, modify the code for your needs based on that logic – hacked! A few lights are glowing like it’s Christmas.

Happy hacking!