Visual Jockey

A toe in the water with VJing.

Creating a visual show to enrich the music flow – all can be set up with software. One of the easiest and feature-stuffed free tool is VJ Gold.

The drawbacks – PC only, creepy interface.

In response to why not using an alternative tool for Mac or at least any other with a nicer UI – the fact is none of the existing software (both free and commercial) at the moment has all you want.

Huge market opportunity, isn’t it?

Basically, you build a logical set of images, videos, filters, effects, and the order it all operates. By connecting the sound source, it is possible to then adjust the setting of sound control. The result can be saved within the tool or exported as a video.

After a few hours of playing with colors, images, 2D and 3D effects, layers, and filters, I have eventually came up to a binary / monochrome set. So me :)

A few things to keep in mind – coming to a party as a VJ, you need to take your same PC where you’ve done the work. Files cannot be transferred to another computer or uploaded to the cloud. Quite sad. However, the outcome you wanted is produced quick and easy, and it looks quite amazing.

Oh, a warning: a sense of time is totally lost since you start.

Happy VJing.