IoT – Connected Life

Personally, I prefer to segregate IoT into two different pools – business and consumer.

Consumer (B2C) pool seems more interesting to me as it has the potential to reimagine the reality around us.

Especially advertising. Whenever every human-made object becomes a medium able to receive, store, and stream data – the new world opens for business, creativity, communication, connectivity, and… responsibility.

Here’s a short overview of IoT made by yours truly as part of the coursework:

Business applications of IoT are huge and relate to manufacturing, insurance, public safety, construction, transportation, banking and payment systems. This pool relies heavily on big data, cloud, and infrastructure.

Not my favorite – but always worth observing what’s happening in B2B pool. So in early October I stopped by at Connected Life challenge kick-off at The Crystal.

Among the sponsors – Allianz, Panasonic, Citi, Tomtom, Trackimo, Phillips. Ideas pitched were around the connected objects and APIs available for smart homes, cars, health. The final projects will be presented on November 27-28, so worth checking.

Cognizant spoke about cloud and big data services in application to IoT in insurance. The slides was heavily based on Gartner and other analysts’ reports.