Intel Buzz Workshop

Sometimes it's worth waking up early on Saturday morning. On June 4th, 2016 I was lucky to squeeze into an unusual event - Intel Buzz Workshop.

Besides awesome food and goodies, it was a day full of VR, games, technology, experiences, and inspiration. A few quite good talks on Unity, issues and opportunities in VR, games monetization, localization, importance of sound in line with graphics, and definitely - a pool of talented geeks around.

Two major findings on a tech side - a detailed review of RealSense (not yet for Mac and you need their camera) and a workshop on PlayCanvas (quite a handy alternative to Unity when it comes to creating 3D environments for VR. Instant web publishing is a wow!).

If you're a visual type like me - here is your five-minute skim of ten hours at Intel Buzz Workshop:

P.S. Video was made with Cameo app - highly recommended intuitive tool to edit videos on iPhone in seconds.

Oh, and here are the goodies - #1 reason geeks show up at your event ;) Intel did well here.

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