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 talking tree 

Project Description

The concept behind the Talking Tree project has been developed to prove the technical and ethical capability to replace traditional outdoor media (i.e. billboards) with environment-friendly green media. The project has an ambition to become a part of sustainable urban development project and persuade advertisers to redirect tremendous spending on advertising towards green urban area development. Talking tree is a prototype of conscious advertising media enabled by augmenting nature with interactive technology. 

How It
Interaction Design
Components & Materials Used
  • Tree/plant in a pot (medium size with multiple thin scapes and easy-to-shake leaves)

  • Arduino Uno board

  • Servo motor

  • Ultrasonic sensor

  • LDR photo resistor (light sensor)

  • LED lights

  • Copper tape

  • Speaker

  • Wires

  • 2 USB power banks

  • Audio files in .wav format

  • Adafruit Sound board

  • Cardboard, paint, glue, solder

Technology & Skills
  • Interaction design

  • Product design

  • Arduino programming

  • Circuit design

  • Proximity sensors

  • Light sensors

  • Motors

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